JackTrip Virtual Studio Update 4/12/2024

What’s New?

  • New Studio Dashboard
  • Recording Visibility Updates

New Studio Dashboard

Today we’re happy to introduce a new Studio Dashboard interface on jacktrip.com! This makes it easier to manage your recordings, upcoming events, members and more.

All studios have a unique home page located at:


Your studio’s home page includes information about it and links to any public recordings or upcoming events that you’ve posted. By default your alias will be a random bunch of characters, but you can change it to anything you like (pending availability) under the “Settings” tab of the new Studio Dashboard. You can also change your studio’s name, description, background image, location, and more.

The Studio Dashboard’s “Recordings” tab lets you manage all of the recordings that you create on JackTrip.

The “Members” tab lets you manage your studio membership (who can join it), and who is able to start new sessions, change settings and do other things (admins).

You can navigate to your Studio Dashboard from the “My Studios” links in the left navigation menu of jacktrip.com.

In the coming months, we’ll be migrating over all the remaining functionality from the old Virtual Studio management interface into the new Studio Dashboard. Also, stay tuned for a bunch of exciting new features coming soon that will further enhance what you can do with your studios!

Recording Visibility Updates

We’ve made a few updates to the visibility of recordings that you make on JackTrip. Previously, all recordings would either be “public” or “unlisted”:

  • Public visibility means that anyone is able to view (and/or hear) your recording
  • Unlisted visibility means that only people who have a unique link are able to view it

Today we are introducing an additional visibility level:

  • Private visibility means that only studio admins are able to view it

With this comes a few changes to default visibility levels for new recordings:

  • New Recordings for Public live streams will default to Public visibility (same as before)
  • New Recordings for Unlisted live streams will default to Unlisted visibility (same as before)
  • New Private Recordings created without live streaming will now default to Private visibility

Regular studio members will only be able to see Public recordings in the Studio Dashboard, but they can still view Unlisted recordings if you share the link with them. Only studio admins will be able to view Private and Unlisted recordings within the Studio Dashboard.

We’ve decided to error on the side of caution for any recordings made in the past. All Private Recordings and recordings made for Unlisted live streams prior to this update have been changed to Private visibility.

“How Do I Know the Visibility of a Recording?”

You can now see the visibility for any recordings in three ways:

  1. As a badge on top of the recording’s image:

  1. In the lower-right corner when playing back a recording:

  1. In the Recordings tab of the new Studio Dashboard

“How Can I Change the Visibility of a Recording?”

You can now change the visibility of any recording you make on JackTrip from the Recordings tab of your Studio Dashboard.

Click on the three dots in the list of recordings, and then select “Edit Details.”

This will open a dialog that lets you change many things, including visibility: