JackTrip Virtual Studio Update 5/3/2024

What’s New?

  • Private Messaging

Private Messaging

Today we’re happy to introduce a new private messaging feature on jacktrip.com. This makes it easier for anyone within the JackTrip community to contact and carry on conversations with one another.

In order for someone to contact you, they need to be able to discover one of your studios by sharing:

  • a public livestream (available to anyone)
  • a public recording (available to anyone)
  • an unlisted recording (shared with them)
  • a link to your studio home page (shared with them)

A new “Send Message” button has been added to send a private message from your studio’s home page and recordings.

If this is your first contact, we’ll help you start a new conversation:

You can view all the conversations people have created with your studio via a new “Messages” tab in your studio dashboard. Any member who is an admin can participate. You’ll also receive in-app notifications whenever you have unread messages. We recommend having a studio for each group that you play music with, and possibly one that is exclusive just to yourself for practice, lessons, etc.

All of the conversations you create with other people’s studios can be accessed from a new “Messages” link in your Profile menu.

We hope that you will enjoy our new private messaging feature, and that it will help you discover and connect with more people to make music with on JackTrip!