JackTrip Virtual Studio Update 11/05/2021

Happy November! :fallen_leaf:

We have a lot of exciting updates to share with you this week, so without further ado:

Studio Usage

Studio owners will now be able to see how much their studios are used. We measure this using studio minutes, where one studio minute is consumed when one musician is connected to a studio for one minute. We have also made some updates to our monthly subscription plans, which will become effective on January 1, 2022.

Head over to the profile page and visit the “Plan & Billing” tab to see how much mileage you’re getting out of the studios you own! Note: usage data began on November 1, 2021; there will be limited data prior to that.


JackTrip on the Desktop

Global supply chain crisis preventing you from getting your analog or digital bridge? Luckily, the newest version of the free JackTrip Core desktop client has a new user interface and can be used with Virtual Studio! This can run directly on your home PC or laptop and allows you to experience the magic of online music collaboration.

Follow this guide to get started on either macOS or Windows 10!

New Noise Gate

Our updated “Auto Pan Mix” now includes a flexible noise gate to help you remove unwanted hiss and static from your studio’s sound. Just click on the “Audio” tab to make sure this mixer is selected for your studio. It will use default settings that we have found work great for most musicians, but feel free to tweak them to your liking. You can drag the “Gate Threshold” slider to the left to make it less aggressive (all the way to the left will effectively turn it off), or to the right to clear up more unwanted noise.

Studio Updates

Underlying studio servers have been upgraded to the latest-and-greatest JackTrip 1.4.0 and Jamulus 3.8.1


Downloaded the new jacktrip core desktop interface for my iMac. Doesn’t work at all.

Hi Michael,

There is a bug in the installer, and the developer team is actively working on a fix that should be up very soon.

Thank you for your cooperation.