JackTrip Core 1.4.0

Latest version! Just out this week. See here for installation instructions.

Free open source software with GUI / audio setup flexibility / session privacy

The JackTrip developer community is proud to present the latest version, version 1.4.0. Ten months in the making, JackTrip 1.4.0 adds GUI operation merged in from the QJackTrip project. JackTrip and QJackTrip are now identical. JackTrip behaves like any other graphical application (launched from icons, etc.) and still runs as usual from command line. The new version supports different numbers of sending and receiving channels. The RtAudio audio backend system has been reintegrated and provides an alternative to the usual Jack audio backend. It includes audio device selection. An authentication mechanism is available in hub mode for session privacy.

Continuous integration & continuous deployment (CI & CD) / new documentation site

Automatically built graphical installers are available across the operating systems. JackTrip Labs is providing macOS and Windows application signatures for releases. When someone contributes a new feature or bugfix, the new CI & CD infrastructure continuously tests, integrates and deploys it to the world. Documentation enhancements are also maintained automatically on the new documentation site.

Huge thank yous to JackTrip’s worldwide team of volunteer developers. This release was a big one. Having the new CI & CD means it’s now much easier to contemplate adding new features. More to come!