Downloading JackTrip Core (Out-of-date)

JackTrip Core 1.4.0 now includes a graphical interface previously known as QJackTrip, which was developed by Aaron Wyatt.

Select your platform to download the latest installer for JackTrip Core 1.4.0:

Go here for step-by-step instructions.

Other releases are available on the GitHub Releases page. Note that you need to click “Assets” to expand the list of download links. If you are really adventurous, nightly builds are available here.

Windows users may need to download, install and use ASIO4ALL if they do not have an external audio interface with a working ASIO driver (for example, most Realtek audio devices do not work properly without ASIO4ALL). Beware there are a lot of ads on their website. A direct download of the 2.14 installer for English speakers is here.

If it is available, JackTrip Core will try to use the Jack Audio Connection Kit. If not available, 1.4.0 and later will use an embedded rtaudio library. Jack is no longer necessary if you only want to connect with other musicians. If you want to host your own hub server, or control routing with other audio applications for mixing, etc., you should install Jack before you install JackTrip.

It is strongly recommended that you use JackTrip with a wired ethernet connection. While it is possible to use JackTrip with WiFi and wireless mesh routers, none of them are capable of providing the low and consistent latency required to perform music online. If you are using a laptop that lacks ethernet, you can purchase a USB adapter for under $20. Sadly, most we have tested perform terribly, far worse than even WiFi. We recommend these adapters from UGreen: USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt 3.

For the best experience, we also recommend that you use an external USB microphone or interface like the PreSonus Revelator, Blue Yeti Nano, Presonus AudioBox or FocusRite 2i2. JackTrip can work with most built-in audio devices, but they are generally poor quality.

Also: headphones are required! JackTrip does not perform noise cancelling, so attempting to use it without headphones will create a loud & noisy feedback loop.