Looking for someone to test my setup and meet others to jam with

I haven’t been able to get Jacktrip working with another musician. The other person is using a PC with a wireless connection and the mic on his PC. I have a wired connection and use a focusrite audio interface that connects my edrum outputs directly to the focusrite inputs. I set the sample rate to 48Khz in the focusrite app. In Jacktrip setup, I set the input and output device to focusrite USB ASIO. I don’t see a way to mix the PC mic with the focusrite input USB. I guess I need to add a mic to the focusrite AI.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Dan @dfab1954 and Welcome!

I have more than 15 years experience with JackTrip and a moderator of this Forum.

It sounds like you have a good setup with the Focusrite USB ASIO. And right, the PC’s built-in mic is not available because the Focusrite is designated as the audio interface for Jacktrip, so you will need a microphone connected to the Focusrite.

If the person you are connecting to has a Windows PC, they will need an ASIO driver too. There is a free one but it is very tricky to use and most JackTrip agents will not support it. I have been using it for years, and I will support it. Please feel free to email me at synthia@synthiapayne.com for more information.

Secondly, if the person you are connecting to is using WIFI, the latency will be erratic and the sound quality could also be compromised. This is because WIFI has a lot of “jitter”, which is fluctuations in the data flow making the smooth transfer of simultaneous input and output of audio unreliable.

Happy to give you more info if you would like to email me.

Hi Synthia,

It looks like the other person I’m trying to connect with is giving up for now. But I would be very interested in testing my setup with anyone.

Thanks so much for reaching out.

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Ok, you can log into app.jacktrip.org with the same email and password you used for this Forum. Have you created a Studio? Free accounts can start a Studio for 30 minutes - plenty of time to test. If you need more time you can restart it for another 30 minutes.

After you start the studio, on the upper right there is an “Invite” button. Click it and send me an invite: synthia.payne@gmail.com, and I will join you.

I’m in California and available for the next hour. Or give me a few choices for when you are available.

Let me know if you have questions.


Hi Synthia,

I have created a studio. The invite is:

Can you do this anytime after 6pm EST ? If not, I can do this anytime tomorrow.
I don’t have a mic so I won’t be able to talk to you from the studio. I need to get one for the audio interface.


Let’s do tomorrow. How about 4PM EST?

If you like, we can meet on Zoom and use your built-in mic for Zoom so we can talk. Then you’ll have the Focusrite just for JackTrip.

Let me know if you want to meet in my Zoom or yours.


Great. Tomorrow at 4pm EST works for me.
We can use my zoom. I’ll send you the invite.


See you then!


What type of music do you play, and are you still seeking others to play with?

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I haven’t connected with anyone else yet so yes, I am looking for others to jam with.
Mostly rock from the 60’s - 80’s. I did play back then and just started playing again a few years ago.


I’m new, I’d like to try to see how this works. If you’re interested.

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Sure. Let’s talk in email if that is ok with you.
My email is: dfab1954@gmail.com

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Hi Synthia - I’m a newbie - I see how you’re kindly offering to assist someone else, so here’s my situation: if you have any advice. I’d appreciate it. I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and a decent cartoid microphone and stand, an IPad Pro, a PC. Looking for help to get myself set up to collaborate musically with people on JackTrip. Could also use help getting configured for a Zoom jam I do every week. I’d be happy to pay someone to do a gig with me to help me get all set up. Thank you! Joel

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Yes, I can help you. iPad Pro is not a viable option, but PC is good, and the Scarlett is an excellent interface. If you like, we can talk first over the phone or Zoom. Or you can go to my website and use my online booking system there - synthiapayne.com. I am running a BOGO special - buy one hour get one free! That’s a pretty good deal! Let me know what works for you. You can email me directly at synthia@synthiapayne.com