Where is everyone?

This is such a huge leap for musicians everywhere, however when I log in to the broadcasts, there is never anyone there, or at least I can’t hear anyone there.

Is this generally still not adopted by the musicians community as an alternative to driving to the jam room?

Or am I totally missing something?


MacBook Pro 2021 M1 iOS running an M-Audio DAW


Hi Ian

Feel the same… Might be due to semi-steep learning curve to get it up and running. Just tried it now with a friend and we were on Zoom, which proved to be a challenge as the two programs appeared to be “fighting” over the driver, connecting disconnecting etc.

We then switched over to a WhatsApp call, got JackTrip working but had terrible feedback. Turns out it was because due to my friend not using headphones. Once that was sorted, we managed to hear each other, but there was a multiple repeat delay on either side… leaving then rejoining seemed to reduce this, but not entirely. Definitely low latency, relative to WhatApp call, where audio arrives almost a second after JackTrip, which is amazing.

In summary, it’s not just straight plug n play, there’s a fair amount of effort required to get it up and running successfully, but there’s huge potential.

What’s your experience?


Hello and Welcome to the Forum!

When you say “broadcasts”, do you mean the Broadcast feature? Or do you mean the Public servers? When you click on the Broadcast feature it simply creates a livestream of whatever is happening on the server where you clicked the Broadcast button. You will not “hear” anyone else if there is no one else playing on that server. If you want listeners on that livestream, you can share the URL provided after you click the broadcast button. You won’t be able to hear your listeners however.

However, if you mean the public servers, sometimes there are people playing and sometimes not. You might want to ask people to join you at a specific time.

Does this help understand it better?

Hi RichardB,

It sounds like you are on Windows? If so, you will need to go deep into the Advanced tab of the Windows sound control panel settings and disable “Exclusive Mode” for each device you are using - both ‘recording’ and ‘playback’.

Disabling this feature allows the sound devices to share across different apps, otherwise apps will attempt to gain exclusive control.

Also: if you are connecting more than one device to JackTrip, each device needs it’s own port number between 4464-4494. Go to the settings to change the port number.

One other thought is that although you might be able to connect over WIFI, JackTrip only functions properly at this time with a wired ethernet connection.

Does this help?