JackTrip Virtual Studio Update 1/1/2022

Happy New Year, JackTrippers! Thank you all for keeping music alive during the past year - and here’s to making 2022 even better :clinking_glasses:

Subscription Plans

As mentioned in the past, we’re rolling out JackTrip Virtual Studio subscription plans. Here’s what you need to know if you’re a studio owner:

  • Up to 5 musicians can continue connecting to your studios for free 30 minute sessions. You can host as many of these free 30 minute sessions as you like - no credit card required!
  • To host more than 5 musicians, or sessions longer than 30 minutes, upgrade to one of our monthly subscription plans.
  • Make sure to check out “Plan & Billing” tab on your profile to get a report of your current usage and pick the plan that’s right for you.
  • In August, we started including coupons for free studio time with the purchase of all new digital and analog bridge devices. Any coupons for studio time should be redeemed by the studio owner, to take full advantage of the additional time in your studios.
  • Nonprofit discounts: please send an email to sales@jacktrip.org to verify your eligibility and receive a code to unlock discounted pricing.
  • :exclamation: Limited time offer If you post a short recording of your group using JackTrip on social media before March 30, 2022, let us know by sending an email to social@jacktrip.org. We will send you a coupon for 300 free studio minutes!

We’re hard at work building the best-in-class online music platform that musicians deserve, and charging for our service is a vital part of continuing that mission.

From all of us at JackTrip Labs, we hope you’ve had a safe and happy holiday and we wish you all a great start to the new year!