JackTrip Virtual Studio Update 8/11/2023

What’s New?

  • User Interface Updates
  • Studio Settings Menu
  • Echo Cancellation for Web Browsers
  • Free Sessions for 50 Minutes
  • Request for Feedback

User Interface Updates

JackTrip’s studios have a fresh new look!

The new toolbar features the most useful buttons, with the rest relocated underneath a “More” menu. Participants who are not admins will no longer see features and controls that they are unable to use.

The new interface is more responsive, maximizing the amount of space available to display video windows. Mobile device users will also find it easier to access all features with the tap of a finger.

The layout follows a more natural progression as people join your studio. The first person to join will see all the options for inviting participants.

When a second person joins, the invite options will be replaced with the video of the other person. When a third person joins, everyone’s layout will switch to a grid view. Note that you can always zoom in (or out) by clicking on anyone’s video window.

Studio Settings Menu

JackTrip Virtual Studio has always offered unmatched audio quality, but some of its most powerful features were not always easy to find. Studio admins will now see a “Studio” button in their toolbar, next to their audio and video settings. This button opens a new Studio settings menu, featuring everything you need to perfect your sound.

The first thing you may notice is that we’ve moved the master volume meter into the new Studio settings menu, recognizing that it is most useful for admins who are adjusting the studio’s levels.

Next, we’ve made it easier to change your studio’s soundscape. JackTrip’s soundscapes use patent-pending cloud DSP technology to make it sound like everyone is within a more realistic environment. Advanced users are welcome to customize and create their own soundscapes.

Studio Loopback volume has been renamed to Studio Echo to better reflect what it does (it causes the studio to echo each participant’s audio back to them). We normally recommend that you keep this at zero unless you are testing something.

Use the Studio Master volume slider to adjust the overall loudness. If you see red bars, it’s getting too loud! If your studio’s audio clips, we’ll let you know with the red indicator on the right. Just click on it to reset.

When the Studio settings menu is collapsed, the button will display a badge that lets you know if new clips are detected.


When the Studio settings menu is expanded, you will also see input volume levels and sliders displayed for every participant. This makes it a lot easier to dial in that perfect balance across everyone in your group!

Don’t worry! Any adjustments you make are automatically saved and restored for your next JackTrip session.

Echo Cancellation for Web Browsers

Echo cancellation enables you to join studios without using headphones.

When using your web browser’s audio to join a studio, echo cancellation will now be enabled by default. Beware that this incurs an additional cost in both latency and audio quality. You can disable it before you join, in the studio lobby.

We still recommend that you use headphones, and headphones are required when using JackTrip’s desktop app. Use the desktop app for the best audio quality, and lowest latency available.

Free 50 Minute Sessions

Enjoy more for free! We’ve increased the session limit from 30 to 50 minutes for studio owners on our free forever plan. Subscribing to a paid plan unlocks premium features and unlimited usage.

Request for Feedback

We are hungry for your feedback, and always looking for new ways to improve JackTrip! When you leave a studio session, you will now have the option to quickly let us know how we are doing by rating your session. Click on “Submit Feedback” to send us a message with any additional details, ideas, questions, or requests for help.