JackTrip Virtual Studio Update 9/30/2022

What’s New?

  • No more timing out! All studios now use audio levels to automatically extend the timer for you
  • All Jamulus (only) studios have been converted to JackTrip+Jamulus

Studio Timer Removal

Suffering from studio time anxiety? With this release, all studios will now manage expiration time by themselves. As long as at least one person is participating in the studio and producing audio, each studio will automatically extend its uptime. As a result, we’ve removed the studio time slider and other buttons around managing this expiration.

Studios owned by users on our free tier will continue to have a maximum of 30m per session, and you’ll still hear the warning tone prior to your studio expiring.

Jamulus → JackTrip+Jamulus

As mentioned in last week’s release notes, all Jamulus-only studios that are not self-hosted have now been converted into JackTrip+Jamulus studios. You’ll still be able to connect to them using the Jamulus client - but now you get to use JackTrip Radio and Soundscapes!

Happy JackTripping! :notes: