JackTrip App 2.1.0

What’s New?

  • Create Studios Without a Browser
  • Updated Network Stability Notifications
  • Improved Latency & Quality

Create Studios Browser-Free

You can now create new studios without leaving the desktop app. This brings us one step closer to being able to do everything inside of JackTrip, without ever having to use a web browser.

Updated Network Stability Notifications

JackTrip’s network connection indicators now include warnings when it detects that a participant’s network connection is unstable. Previously, the desktop app would warn the person experiencing the problem (in the bottom left), but not other people in the studio. We hope that this will make it easier to identify and resolve problems.

Screenshot (448)

A connection will be marked as unstable whenever no audio is received for 30 milliseconds or more. This may not seem like a lot of time, but it’s an eternity for sound! When this happens, there really is no way to recover low-latency audio, so you are likely going to hear it. Most often this is caused by someone connecting via WiFi, or having an extremely unreliable home Internet connection.

Improved Latency & Quality

This release also includes several bug fixes and optimizations involving JackTrip’s packet loss concealment technology. It should be a little more flexible, and in some cases will lower your latency. This is an ongoing area of research, with more improvements still being tested. We hope to make 2.2 even better!