Introducing JackTrip 2.0

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  • Introducing JackTrip 2.0

Introducing JackTrip 2.0

JackTrip 2.0 brings a more streamlined and easier to use Virtual Studio interface to the desktop. This free new software application fully integrates video, recording, livestreaming, and managing the sound for everyone in your studio.

To celebrate the release of JackTrip 2.0, we’re making Virtual Studio completely free for everyone, through the end of September!

Almost everything in JackTrip has been revamped since we first integrated Virtual Studio support a little over a year ago. JackTrip 2.0 has better handling of audio interfaces, better networking, better sound processing, and better tools to help you optimize latency. A redesigned user interface with low-latency and high-quality video, video and multi-track audio recording, and many other features make JackTrip 2.0 the best and most complete solution for live collaboration over the Internet.

JackTrip is uniquely designed to be as easy, open and accessible as possible. Everyone can now join Virtual Studios:

  • Using only the JackTrip 2.0 desktop app: the best quality and lowest latency audio/video option for people who own a Windows, Mac or Linux computer. Use it with your favorite audio interfaces and applications!
  • Using only a modern web browser: the easiest option that just works for everyone, even without headphones and on mobile devices. This comes with a cost of slightly higher latency and lower audio quality.
  • Using a modern web browser with a JackTrip Bridge device: the least expensive option for high quality, low latency audio, for people who don’t own a Windows, Mac or Linux computer. Learn how to build your own.

If you tried JackTrip in the past and didn’t get hooked, now is a great time to see for yourself how much has changed. Enjoy unlimited studio time with all premium features, and learn why so many people can’t go back to Zoom® after experiencing how great online collaboration can be.


Congratulations and many thanks to everyone for your hard work and creativity to raise the bar of JackTrip!

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Thank you again for all of your hard work. I am trying out 2.0. There is a problem once again with my microphone (Røde NT-USB), that seems to be the same character problem. The “O” in RØDE has that line through it so JackTrip is once again not recognizing it. Hoping that is an easy fix.

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Hi Pat!

I am happy to hear from you, and sorry that this issue has popped up again. I am going to tag @miked for help this time because he probably already has information about it.

For the future, if you have trouble with the app, please take out a support ticket on That will be the quickest and most efficient way to resolve issues with the app.

It’s great to have your participation and cooperation! Thank you!

Thank you, Synthia. Nice to hear back from you so quickly.
Sorry, I know I should have opened a ticket. But since it has happened before I thought this might be a quicker communication. My apologies.


Yes, you’re right - and I’m glad you did otherwise I might have missed
it on the helpdesk as I am not sure that I see all the new tickets there
at this time.

Hi Pat, thanks for letting us know and I’m sorry this popped back up again. I just merged in a fix which will be included in a 2.0.1 update coming out shortly.

Hey Mike…Thank you. Sorry that this mic continues to present problems for you all.
As always, I appreciate the help.

I’m sorry we broke it. Should be fixed now in 2.0.1.

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Many Thanks, Mike. It is working now.
Much appreciated…

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Oops. Missed all the goodness in the regarding dependencies. (I upgraded from the previous version, but did not install any of the dependencies listed in the All is now well again.

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What is best for lowest latency? Use desktop app on Win 11 computer or using JackTrip Bridge?

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I believe you can’t get better than Jacktrip analog bridge, both for latency AND jitter. Desktop apps can come very close depending on the computer, the drivers and what’s running on it.

Thank you