HOT TIP: "Error: TCP connection timeout" Windows 11

So…a couple months ago I started getting this “Error: TCP connection timeout”, which means that a connection was not made, and the settings are set to stop trying after a prescribed time limit (that should be enough time). It’s usually due to a kind of “port exhaustion”, and in this case port 4464, the JackTrip port.

All I remember from back then is that I was very busy and after a few days it resolved itself.

Then a few days ago it happened again. There are two probable causes:

  1. My IP address changed.
  2. On Saturday, there were 216 attempts to access my network in the firewall event log, which could have maxed out the number of port accesses resulting in port exhaustion.

After trying a number of methods to clear the way to connect, I finally came up with a few fixes:

  1. Modem factory reset, have to rename it and set a new password, and redo any custom settings, like forwarding, etc. Not too bad for me, but others might have more complicated custom settings.

Now I was able to get a connection, but no audio.

  1. Discovered that Realtek Audio had 3 updates which I did not see. So I did those.

I can hear the sweet clapping, but ASIO still doesn’t see my built-in mic.

  1. Re-install ASIO4All and update audio device drivers

Now I’ve got input and output and can connect.

So there you have it - reset the modem, update native audio and device drivers

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