Jacktrip app, Windows and Routing issues / crash

I have continuous problems with the Jacktrip app and Windows 11, and hoped we could collect some already proven problems and solutions, since there is no public repository of the issues and requests people send into the Zendesk.

For example: I use Voicemeter under Windows to route my interface and DAW signals to Jacktip, but Jacktrip crashes all the time while initially loading. I could not find any potential reasons for Jacktrips behaviour.

We’ve found that many Windows audio drivers are unstable and cause JackTrip (or any other ASIO audio application) to crash when they try to use them. JackTrip scans all your interfaces at startup, so this is what is most likely happening. Currently there are two known Windows audio drivers that cause JackTrip to crash:

  • Realtek ASIO (sadly, this is often pre-installed on Dell laptops)
  • Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver (from Steinberg)

It’s possible that Voicemeeter provides drivers are also unstable? The only known work-around is to remove the faulty drivers from your computer.

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Thanks Mike! I can confirm that Realtek ASIO does not function properly and the one from Steinberg also is problematic, especially because both are pre-installed on various devices.

For a generic ASIO driver, ASIO4ALL is working well for me, albeit tricky to configure and operate. If anyone has questions about ASIO4ALL please feel free to ask me.