Using Wireless Headphones on Windows?

Another discovery on my Win11 system, using wireless headphones is confusing the Realtek audio drivers. It used to recognize the headphones and displayed the model number, but then after an update, it created a “second output”, which was not being recognized.

To correct it I went to the Device Manager, and,

  1. uninstalled everything in the “Audio Inputs and Outputs” section
  2. scroll down to the “Sound, Video, and Game” and update the Realtek drivers

That brought back the devices in the “Audio Inputs and Outputs” without the second output.

It seems like that straightened things out, but I won’t use my wireless headphones until I figure out how to avoid the confusion with the Realtek drivers. Perhaps installing a dedicated driver for the headphones will help, but didn’t need it before, so I’ll report back.

UPDATE 6/29: I looked into the dedicated drivers for the wireless headphones Sony Model CH700N, and I decided not to install them after reading some reviews that said the drivers made everything worse. So, I won’t be using wireless headphones for now.

Please post if you have had a successful experience with wireless headphones and JackTrip.

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Hiya Synth, re-edited this reply. I ran Jacktrip latest and I see what ya mean now. You’ll need to install ASIO4ALL then select that as the output.
I don’t see the offline option for asio4all so you may need to join a channel first after selecting it to that it activates and you can see the icon to access the options.
But basically you wanna set asio4all options to advanced, then you can turn off all in’s and out’s on it except ya usb headphones. Set the buffer as low as ya can on it until it crackles.
Your usb headphones would need an asio driver which not many do have. So Asio4all makes a asio driver for a wdm device.

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Hi Andy!

I’m so happy to see you here! Your feedback is very much appreciated! I am glad you’re learning the ins and outs of JackTrip and ASIO for Windows. I do not use ASIO4All very much because I have devices that have dedicated ASIO drivers from the manufacturer. And I don’t use my wireless headphones for JackTrip because they don’t play nice with those drivers. That said, I get what you’re saying about using ASIO to get the lowest latency and I’ll look into your suggestions more and report back. Thanks!

You could use Jack audio and add the usb audio device in that as an output in the modular type window.

Good idea! I’ll try that. Thanks much.