Where can I select my Universal Audio Interface to get sound into Jacktrip?

Today is my first day. I can start a jacktrip session but cant get sound into jacktrip.

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Welcome! There are several bits of information that will help us help you!

I think you’re using the software version? If so, are you on a Mac or Windows machine?

If you are using the software version of JackTrip, whether Mac or Windows, go to the Backend tab on the JackTrip interface, and choose the UA interface there.

If you are using the software version of JackTrip on a Mac, go to Applications/Utilities/AudioMidi Setup - make sure that the UA device is active there.

If you are using the software version of JackTrip on Windows, you will need to download and install an ASIO driver. See if UA has one for your specific device. If not, go to ASIO4ALL.org, and get a generic one there. Be careful to only click on the actual downloads, there are a lot of ads. The interface for ASIO4ALL is tricky.

If you are using the JackTrip Virtual Studio Bridge hardware, DO NOT RUN THE SOFTWARE VERSION. Simply connect the UA device to the Bridge with a USB cable. The JackTrip Bridge will be in charge of sending and receiving to/from the internet all of the audio from the UA device.

You’ll need an account on app.jacktrip.org or JackTrip.com in order to access the remote controls for the JackTrip Virtual Studio Bridge hardware, or to run the JackTrip software version in Virtual Studio mode.

I hope this has given you some hints. For more information, look into the help.jacktrip.org, or create a help ticket.

Hang in there!

Can you explain this more? I am on a macbook pro, and i have an app, which seems redundant, where I click a manage tab, which takes me to Jacktrip software online. What is the difference you mention, between the software version, and the software version. I cant be sure which i am using.

I can/do/and just did check my Audio Midi Settings to see that UA Apollo was selected or checked and active. It is always active there.

I can hear all the musical content I am piping in, and my friend in MN can hear me great too. I just cant hear him. I go to my universal apollo console app and see all my signals, and hear myself GREAT thru the UA Apollo headphone jacks. But I dont hear what my MN friend is sending. No incoming signal to the Apollo. The Console online interface app for UA has a inputs monitoring tab, Sends, AUX’s tab, but no output signal tab, so no way to see, or hear the incoming signals.

Thank you,


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Brent: Thanks for your questions. The italicized software version was simply to distinguish between the software version and hardware version of JackTrip. Both references are for the software version. Sorry for the confusion.

I just reviewed your post and see that you said your friend can hear you, so I’m assuming you are connecting to a server somewhere.

In the JackTrip interface, before you connect with your friend, on the lower right side - do you see “Settings”? Tap there and then tap the Audio tab. Choose the UA for input there. Tap SAVE. See if that did it.

Can anyone else hear your friend? Are you sure their signals are going out?



Thank you for getting back to me again, so much. I have taken today off work to see if I can get more resolved with Jacktrip.

So yes, I have been able to go to the location you just screenshot to me the whole time. It always lists my UA Apollo interfaces as the input and output devices. I had had 3 semi-successful sessions with my friend in MN, then lost the ability to monitor his sent tracks out of the blue. Somehow, whatever I was doing in Jacktrip had disabled the UA Apollo Outs 1-2. It took me a long time to discover this since I had not intentionally changed the flex routing function in the UA console. So I still don’t know what caused the issue, but plan to try and test another Jacktrip session today.

So the reason I say the first three Jack Trip sessions were only semi successful is because somehow on one of both of our ends part of either Joe or My own signal was being sent back on itself creating an infinite feedback loop that intensified exponentially with every dB the fader was raised. Since, this is not my first rodeo, I began to strategize on how I could achieve my goal of sending a stereo AUX, GROUP, or ALT out of my console summing 6-8 various samplers, keyboards, vocals, bass and guitars up and away to MN, and successfully receive Joe’s stereo signal sent. I conceptualize that somehow I could mute my own signal going out, and only monitor my signal along with or on the return with Joe’s signal, or somehow otherwise segregate our two signals so listening is bearable.

Since I have 28 channels of audio interfaces if I could just have his signal on channels one and two and mine on three and four, no infinite feedback loop would persist. So that led me to some online videos from 2020. One wherein this guy explains how to set up an aggregate device in PT or Ableton, although the video he demonstrates in Ableton. But he uses a program called JackQTSControl to achieve such amazing Jacktrip results which does not appear to be available, in use, or relevant to Jacktrip in 2022, or maybe just a PC application, and since I am on Mac not relevant to me.

I emailed Jacktrip a week or two ago and clearly asked them. Is JackQTSControl is still available? Can it would help a Mac User overcome the infinite feedback issue and give me routing flexibility in any of my DAW’s so I could use my virtual instruments and audio plugs ins during my jacktrip sessions? There has been a return email saying they will get back to me with help sometime, but to date no one has answered my very basic question.

Please see the screenshots below of the two routing programs I found online in tutorials that purportedly would give me the control to route my jacktrip sends and receives and achieve my dreams and goals.


#1) 4.1 – How to record Jacktrip in your DAW / Connect DAW output to Jacktrip - YouTube
This Is the guy I mentioned using JACKQTSCONTROL to gain routing flexibility via an aggregate device in Ableton.

#2) Configuring, starting and running a multi-client Jacktrip server with per-channel mixing | Mike O'Connor

This Tutorial by Mike O’Conner, describes using Connections - JACK Audio Connection Kit to also, give me the routing flexibility I need.

Admittedly, there are a number of confusing aspects about JackTrip and JACK Audio. QJackCtl is a program that is included with another application called JACK. It is not included with JackTrip. Find the latest download of JACK/qjackctl on jackaudio.org

The feedback loop you described could be caused by using speakers instead of headphones. The level of complexity you describe makes it difficult to diagnose the problem. I suggest starting with a simple stereo connection, then build one thing at a time.

I might have some time later if you would like to do a zoom. synthia@synthiapayne.com

Good on you for taking time to figure it out! We’re standing by and rooting for you so please report back soon.

Thank you!

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Great to have some additional email communication with you Brent! I’m so glad that you discovered that changing the Soundscape’s compressor settings stopped the feedback.

It would be great if you posted a description and screenshots of the setting that was causing the feedback, and what you did to stop it.


Hi all, just wanted to chime in with the response we gave on the support board to the questions about QJackCTL. I don’t know why it didn’t make it to you, but here is the communication from October 20:

Hello! You can use QJACKCTL with Jacktrip, but you don’t have to anymore. Our desktop app comes bundled with RTAUDIO, so you no longer need to use QJACKCTL.
It comes down to ease of use and user preference. I know of a few people who use both and some who use one or the other.

Based on the fact that you’re using a UA interface, the feedback loop mentioned could have been because of selecting “Loopback” in the UA console. This is often used when trying to record the audio from virtual instruments and sounds your computer is making. However, if you use “Loopback” while on JackTrip you will create echo or feedback by routing the output back to the input.
Like Synthia said, this can also happen by using speakers! Headphones, headphones, headphones

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That’s a very good point about the Loopback option. I know that Brent has a lot going on with his setup and tracking the source of feedback was tricky indeed!

Having RtAudio bundled is a huge advantage for being able to use outboard gear and routing. Still, I’ve learned to appreciate the software routing in QJackCtl. I appreciate having the options readily available.

Hopefully, we’ll hear back from @rentasynthr with more details about his troubleshooting success.


@rentasynthr I just published a new article about using Apollo interfaces with JackTrip. This presents additional info and alternatives to using Jack or QJackCtl. I hope that you find it useful. Please message me with any additional questions.

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Thanks so much for contacting me- I am going to read this material and try to locate RtAudio within Jacktrip, but I sense I need the routing flexibility of QJackCtl.
I have a 24 trk analog and digital studio, with hybrid equipment. I use Pro Tools, Ableton, Reason and and have lots of plug ins and virtual instruments that i’d like to be able to use while playing with Jacktrip. I’d like to be able to record other players parts discretely to a DAW or buss them to a tape machine as necessary.

I have a number of Behringer P16 personal headphone mixers that are feed with ADAT I/O that i would like live musicians in my studio to be able to hear players parts coming remotely from JackTrip.

Sorry if that is too much information. Thanks for offering assistance.



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Thanks for the great reply and news I can use OJACKCTL or RTAAUDIO. I am confused as to I am using the Desktop App and where to locate the RTAUDIO tool I need to use. From my newbie standpoint I have installed a JackTrip App that I Open>click manage, which opens the Webpage JackTrip.Org/studios>From there I hit start and then go to JackTrip Radio and start to broadcast. So, am I using the desktop version wherein I could or would find RTAUDIO? If not, could you share a link to where I could acquire the desktop version?

Thank you very much


Here I would like to address my initial obstacles and share details of how I resolved them.

Problem 1) Infinite feedback loop. I patched my friend Joe’s signal from MN out to my hardware console where I had my material patched into 8 channels and was monitoring through my Drawmer MC3.1 Monitor Controller’s HEADPHONE OUTPUTS. I was then sending a stereo signal of everything sent to the hardware console out the ALT 1 output back to UA APOLLO INPUT 1-2 going to JackTrip headed to MN from NE.

Solution) Do not send or patch incoming JackTrip Signals out to hardware console, just plumb them out of UA APOLLO OUTPUTS 1-2 back into any unused UA APOLLO INPUTS and monitor via CUE MIX in UA APOLLO ITB (In-The-Box) Console. No more feedback.

Problem 2) Inability to monitor incoming audio at UA APOLLO INPUTS 1-2.

Solutions) There are a few reasons why some channel in the I/O are greyed out or disabled/unavailable it is due to on of four settings in UA APOLLO CONSOLE.
They are as follows;


The video link below provides all the necessary details.

Now my next goal to overcome is to learn how I use RTAUDIO or QJACKCTL to be able to use more that two of my audio interface channels, A DAW, EFFECT PLUG INS and VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTS in conjunction with JackTrip.

Thanks ahead of time for all your help, Everyone! I am loving being able to use JackTrip!



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Hey Brent, thanks for circling back and sharing more info about what you’re trying to do!

RTaudio is an audio library that is bundled with the downloadable JackTrip Desktop app. It doesn’t have a gui or any patching controls to speak of- it just means that you can use JackTrip without needing to run a JACK server or use QJACKctl or any of that.

HOWEVER, since you’re doing a really significant amount of routing, QJACKctl might be the right thing for you. Most people don’t need the patchbay or the million settings that come along with using JACK, but you might be a special case :).

Ultimately you’ll need to use the JACK patchbay, the UA audio matrix, and/or software like Loopback to get the sounds to all the places you’re trying to route them. Of all of those, Loopback is my favorite to use, but it is a paid software, whereas JACK/QJACKctl are free.

Sounds like you’re well down that path of figuring out the complex routing. Also sounds like you ran into the feedback loop issue that I was warning about before :). It is really easy to create echo or feedback when doing this kind of routing, because it is very tempting to route all the output audio back to the inputs so we can get all virtual instruments/DAW output fed into JackTrip. But this creates the loop, so we have to get a little more careful not to route JackTrip back to JackTrip.

One last piece of advice- for your use case you probably want to set “Self Volume” to 0 in the Studio “Soundscapes” settings. This parameter controls how much signal is sent back to you from the server, creating a slapback kind of effect. This can be helpful for syncing things rhythmically, but can really confuse these complex routing situations. Here’s an article about soundscapes that says a little bit about “Self Volume” and some of the other FX controls on the studio: https://help.jacktrip.org/hc/en-us/articles/4863139961107-Using-JackTrip-Soundscapes-to-Control-your-Audio-and-add-FX