Where are you located?

Hello JackTrippers,

Would you like to JackTrip with musicians less than 700 miles of you? This post could be a depot for finding others to connect with.

Let’s try this: reply to this post with the region and state where you are located, what instrument(s) and style you want to play including improvisations.

Remember that improvisational music tends to be more forgiving of high latency.

Please let me know if you have questions or suggestions.


Hi Synthia
I have a virtual group starting. Will practice “serenade” by R Hoffstetter. Players from Richmond and Northern Virginia, North Carolina, New Jersey and Florida. Distance over 700 miles. Will see what happens. I’ll get a new Studio. I am a -0- at improvisation. We are only doing classical music ( before 1900s) . Voice, drums, guitars are not in this piece.

Thank you for checking this.

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Yay! That is great that you are going to experiment with the distance. Improv is simply a matter of listening and being open to play what you hear. But that’s another topic!

Please keep us posted on your adventures!

Hi Synthia
OK I will stay in touch. How do I delete a studio ?
Advise about best SERVER between Tampa FL and Northern Virginia.
Thanks .

Looks like about 925 miles between Tampa and Northern VA. There is a
location at Charleston, SC, which is about 450 miles from Tampa and
around 550 from Northern VA.

I would also experiment with a studio closest to each and see which
works the best. For Tampa, that would be Miami, and for Northern VA that
would be Boydton VA.

Following is a link to the list of JackTrip Virtual Studios:

Your question regarding deleting a studio is a separate topic, but I
will answer it here and create a topic for it.

In order to delete a studio, you need to be the owner of that studio.
At the bottom right corner of the Studio page view, there is a tiny
trash can icon.
Tap it and confirm.

Thank you, Sir.

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I am located in the south of France. I like playing, and improvising on, jazz and latin standards. My instruments are keyboards, accordion, violin and trombone and I make interesting backing tracks with Band-in-a-box.


I am a professional pianist in Oklahoma City. I am classically trained. I play jazz, rock ,blues, salsa, reggae, and classical music.

I am looking for other players to jam with. I have used JackTrip before, but have never found anyone within the 500 mile radius. Please give me a shout.


Welcome @sweetloumusic! I am going to create a topic to call attention to the areas where people have posted to the Forum. Maybe that will help people find each other.

Drummer with decades of experience - Chicago, IL USA. Open to all genres!

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