Mozart or Haydn string quartets, Vln2, Vla needed

Mozart 23 quartets
Haydn 82 quartets.
Schubert etc.

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Welcome @stgu-vndoc Robani! I know a few string players on the east coast who play on JackTrip. Where are you located?

Tampa bay area.

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Tampa Bay Florida USA

Thanks much @stgu-vndoc - I’ve emailed the folks I know about 1200 miles north of you. Perhaps they will drop a line here.

Ideally, less than 500 miles between locations will allow the lowest latency for playing together. There are several Virtual Studio locations between you that you can try for free to see if one of them might work.

In the meantime, let’s see about widening our reach to contact other string players closer to Tampa Bay.

I am new to this program. I have 2 players for my input. Cat 7 ethernet cable. Laptop wind 10. Using a Y splitter for the 2 players to go into 1 mic. port on laptop. Regular PC mics.
Ear buds and one old Sony headphone w/1/4 inch jack. Changed server to Virginia. I get around 190 mBps download/10 upload.
Tampa-Philadelphia for now. The volume seems low. IF this setup doesn’t work I will need to upgrade my setup. What gear do you recommend for non-professional, string group. Aiming for a quartet/sextet.
Thank you. Robert.

The bandwidth you are getting should be fine for one connection less than 500 miles away. What is Philadelphia’s setup and internet connection?

For the lowest latency on Windows, you need to install an ASIO driver. There is a free ASIO driver that is a bit tricky to configure, but I have been using it for years.

The following link will take you to the JackTrip help pages where I just posted about the free ASIO driver.

By “regular PC mics” I think you are using the built-in Windows RealTek mic input and speaker/headphone output sound devices. Definitely would improve sound and latency with an external audio interface.

Most external audio interfaces include ASIO drivers from the manufacturer. I have two listed below and both have ASIO drivers, great mic preamps and perform well:

  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 -
  • Behringer UMC24HD -

If you would like to have a zoom session I will take a quick look, email me at

Thank you Synthia.
I will look into those interfaces.


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