Old houston hippie guitarist wants to jam covers and homemade music

New to Jacktrip and want to take a learning test drive.Quality70s rock and homemade prog. Like a lot of genres open minded and fairly competent player after 50 years.Most of my latency is self generated. :wink: Interested in serious fun and experimentation with almost any instrumentation.Electric or acoustic.
Houston,TX.,Mac,Fiber,Hardwired,Scarlett 2i2
dont read music,can’t play jazz and wont play KISS

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Welcome @jimbone ! Classic Rock of the 1970’s is one of my favorite genres. So many talented artists making ageless music and songs. Looks like you have a good setup too with fiber and Scarlett 2i2.

I got the joke about your own latency :smirk: and want to suggest that it would be helpful to know the closest city within 300-500 miles from you so that potential collaborators can decide if the latency (the time it takes for audio to be transmitted across the network and back) will be manageable.

In your case, wanting to play known songs, the distance between you will be important to help determine if the latency will be manageable. That said, I just jammed with someone 10,000 miles from me and we had 80 ms latency, but we were improvising, which is way more forgiving of latency. Still, we had a lot of fun.

Good luck and please keep us posted on your progress!