"No Devices Connected" in Virtual Studio

Since 2020, I have tried quite a few of these types of platforms (Jamkazam, Jamulus, etc.), and bought an JackTrip analog bridge as part of that early experimentation. Overall, a pretty difficult go of it with mostly poor results.

I have formed a woodwind quintet here in the LA area and thought I’d like to see what may have been improved since those early days. I have resurrected the JT bridge and am trying to see and hear how it’s working now.

The bridge is connected via ethernet to a high speed broadband service (Charter Spectrum). The interface is through the Macke 402VLZ4 (as shown in the documentation). I have registered the bridge and it shows as “connected” in the Audio Devices pane on my account.

I have a couple of Virtual Studios set up and I can enter either of them. The problem is that when I select “Devices” from the menu bar, it indicates “No devices connected”. When I start the studio, I get nothing through the headphones. Sound is going out, nothing coming back.

I am sure this is a user error, but I am now lost. Anybody have any ideas?



There are many things that can wrong when using an analog bridge with mixers. The most common issues tend to involve cabling problems or volume settings. I recommend re-posting this in a support ticket so that someone can help step through everything with you.