HELP make DAW to output all sounds

I’m super new to this but very excited to get it working. I’ve been able to connect with my band mates via the Virtual Studio. We checked out sync and it works wonderfully. I’m connected to a Focusrite Scarlett Solo (mic, and guitar). I was able to get the microphone audio directly into the virtual studio. I haven’t been able to figure out how to have the output of Logic get to them. I would love to use my virtual instruments, my guitar running through my virtual effects in logic and my voice with reverb and delay. is there anyone here who could help me get this all sorted out. Thanks in advance; I would love to get back to rehearsing and writing safely.

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Hi Ivan, are you using the Jacktrip desktop app from your Mac, right?

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Hello and Welcome!

Thanks for posting your inquiry here, and apologies for the delayed response. It’s a busy time.

When you say you are connecting the Scarlett to a Virtual Studio, I think you mean a JackTrip Bridge? The JackTrip boxes were called Virtual Studios, and then there was a re-branding a few months ago and they are called Bridges now. There are Analog Bridges and Digital Bridges. The servers are still called “Virtual Studios”, and the Bridges connect to them.

Based on what you said about sending your mic directly to the Bridge (Virtual Studio), I think you have an analog Bridge, right? And your Scarlett is plugged into a computer via USB? The USB on the Analog Bridge is only for power. Therefore, you will use a 1/4" male stereo to 1/8" male cable to send the analog output from the Scarlett to the 1/8" input of the Bridge (where your mic was plugged in directly.)

The following link shows how to do this with a mixer (but you can use your Scarlett). There will be latency unfortunately.

I hope this helps. Let us know if you have more questions, and please feel free to drop a help request at and we can help you more there. Also, there’s the JackTrip Googlegroup at


Please see this excellent article about routing DAWs with JackTrip. Note that you will want to run the JackTrip Desktop App on the same computer as your DAW.