JackTrip with DAW

Hello there.
Anyone have updated instructions on using JackTrip on a Mac through Logic?
There are some older articles that use Blackhole type 3rd parties, but is that still necessary?

Thanks in advance.

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Hey George, I think you will still need to use something like that- either Blackhole, Loopback, Dante Via, or some loopback enabled software that comes with your interface.

Somehow we need to be able to select a virtual device in JackTrip for the input and send to that virtual device from Logic in order to pipe the logic audio into JackTrip. I think this is still the best way to do it

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Thank you so much for the speedy reply, Andrew.
I’ll pass on the info.

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I haven’t given up on jackaudio yet… has apple? there are new builds of jackaudio for mac. It can be installed and run on new macs, but I believe it’s invisible to logic as an audio device? anybody have a clue?