Troubleshoot: Video camera selection using analog bridge not working?

After a gap of several months I’m back to using JackTrip again to find so much has improved (again). Well done & many thanks to all. We had a really good session on Friday last lasting about three hours - a jazz quintet with four local and one remote player on this occasion. We’ve tried this before with all five remote and that worked well enough for me to proceed with an annual subscription. I’d like to try some chamber music and choral work sometime but that’s proving more of a challenge (mainly lack of suitable platforms and reliance on wifi).

I noticed on Friday that I could no longer select my camcorder (firewire to iMac) as a video source when using an analog bridge to connect to the virtual studio, although this worked OK when using my iMac directly.

IIRC this worked when video was first supported a while back but it’s possible that memory fails me?

Any clues?


Welcome Back @rebholland !

Congrats on your recent successful sessions, and best wishes for the upcoming foray into chamber music and choral works.

It looks like you already discovered the way to get video with your iMac and use the Bridge for the audio.

Maybe @miked can offer insights into getting the camcorder to show up again as a camera selection when using the Bridge.


Welcome back, @rebholland! I recommend restarting your iMac and maybe try a different we browser. Also check in the privacy settings for your web browser to make sure that is allowed access to your camera.

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Thanks Synthia - glad to be back too!

I’ve just managed to get a violinist interested. We used to play together in youth orchestras and a string quartet in the 1970s but nothing since.

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Thanks Mike. Restarting didn’t do much. I’m using Safari on Monterey 12.7.1. Permissions were already set OK for

I’ve just tried Chrome which behaved slightly differently but still failed to detect my Firewire video camera (Canon XM2) connected to my iMac. The JackTrip app allows either camera to be selected.

Since the JackTrip app on iMac now plays easily with my Tascam Model24 mixer (in that I can assign the inputs/outputs to more appropriate mixer channels) I might use this and free up the bridge to loan to some other folks to help them get started with JackTrip.

A subsidiary question: Should I be able to connect with the bridge and JackTrip app on the same local subnet? I’m guessing not without some means of changing ports or plugging it into a different subnet (which I could arrange).

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Yes, should be able to change the port number for additional instances of the JackTrip app and/or a Bridge. You will need to be in Classic Mode and go to the Advanced tab.

Please see my screenshots below.

Note: that it is the Local port that changes - the Remote port stays at the default 4464.

JackTrip ports

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Virtual Studio mode always selects a random “local” port number when connecting, so it should just work without having to mess with settings.

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Thanks for that Synthia - I’m not sure I was aware of this access to ‘Classic Mode’ but I am now.

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This sort of worked for me Mike…

I started the virtual studio & connected using JackTrip (2.1.0) on my iMac. Everything OK including video camera selection.

I then started the JackTrip app on my iPad Pro (iOS 16.6.1) & connected to the analog bridge using this.

This resulted in two connections to the virtual studio (as expected) from the same subnet on my LAN (I didn’t try any audio at this time). Both connections are under the same account ID.

I then tried disconnecting the bridge (using the iPad). Both of my sessions (iMac and bridge) were disconnected - not what I expected.

I’ve also tried this using my iPhone (iOS 15.8) to control the bridge with the same result.

I’m assuming from this that leaving a studio terminates all connections made using the same ID, which seems logical as I’ve “just left the room”. This is not a real problem as all I’m trying to do here is connect someone located in a different room in our house. I guess I should be able to use different IDs if I want to control them independently?

To encourage other people to get involved it’s useful to know what to expect when using iPads, iPhones and other devices to control the bridges I have available to loan them.

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Hi @rebholland, you are correct that leaving a studio will disconnect all devices. Everything needs to be connected using a different account/id for it to work properly.