New to Jacktrip and looking for musicians (Drummer, Philadelphia)

Hi, I am an experienced drummer and am new to Jacktrip. I’d like to find other musicians to eventually start a weekly online session. See below for important info, and any guidance will help me get started. I’m assuming I’ll need to pick a date and time for the first jam. Thanks!

Nearest big city: Philadelphia
Preferred Genre: Fusion, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Americana, Rock
Instrument: Drummer
Equipment: Simmons Electronic Drums
Internet connection: Ethernet
Experience level: Professional
What you are doing or want to do here: I’m all set up but haven’t gotten to test it out with other musicians. I’d like to do that first and then start a weekly session.

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Welcome @adamdrums ! Looks like you have a good start on getting ready for JackTrip. Are you using a Mac or Windows computer? And how will you send the drum sounds to the computer and JackTrip?

The computer and its operating system and the audio interface are important to consider in order for JackTrip to have a strong foundation.

A Mac will be easier than Windows, but both would work best with an external audio interface. Please let us know more! We’re glad you’re here.