Jam session influences Beatles, La's Blur, Clash...almost anything Britpop

In addition, I have a few originals. I am looking for keys, drums bass and a second guitar (intermediate level players). I am new to Jacktrip, so there might be a bit of a learning curve for me. I am located in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Welcome @Walt ! Lots of great songs with those Britpop references! Sounds like fun. I can help you with a starter session if you like, just let me know! I’m in South OC.

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Hi Synthia…yes that sounds like a good plan: My schedule is very flexible…I’m retired. I do have a bit to do today; though, I do have plenty of time this evening…after 4pm pst. We could go over all of this: Tomorrows schedule is about the same. Thursday through Sunday are wide open. hopefully our connection will be good…from what I’ve seen and heard, it looks like it should work.

Ok! Let’s do Thursday. In the meantime please reply with the details of your setup: operating system, external interface or built in mic and output, (be sure to have headphones), internet speed up and down (be sure to have a wired ethernet connection). And feel free to email me direct: synthia@synthiapayne.com.

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Perfect, sound good for Thursday. My gear is Scarlett 2i2, headphones, fiber optic lines on this end…very fast performance (296.83 DL/17.66 UL, and a M1 Mac with 16 GB. sending email