SoCal JackTrippers

If you are in Southern California and want to jam on JackTrip, please let us know here!

Hey, Ross here. Would love to join a jam needing fingerstyle guitar, piano or organ.


Thanks for your post Ross! Love that you’re into fingerstyle. What kind of organ? Are you playing digitally or acoustic? Do you have some good mics? What is your setup?

I know. I ask a lot of questions.

When I’ve played in bands it has been more of a rock sound. The typical B3. I play piano/organ digitally a Roland Juno DS. As for mics I have good ones for vocals but my guitars are acoustic electric or electric. The only one I would have to mic is the classical guitar and would prob just drag out the SM-58. If you’re interested we can think of some songs to try and I can mix in a backing track for instruments we do not have.

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Let’s do a meet and greet and play a bit? I can do this weekend, or next week after 7:30pm. Then my schedule opens up and is in flux as new projects begin to schedule sessions.

Maybe we can begin with the two of us and then recruit others? I’m excited about this, thank you!

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Great. That was what I was hoping for a starting plan. Can you do Wednesday at 730PM or later?

Who are talking to?

Wow thanks for your quick reply. I might need to push to the weekend - give me a day or so to confirm. What songs would be good?

And anyone else in Southern California interested in joining please let us know. Didn’t mean to exclude anyone. I think we’ll def need drums right?

@rnordin : have you had a successful session on JackTrip?
What is your computer platform and audio interface?
Do you have a wired ethernet connection?
How far are you from L.A.?

@stgu-vndoc I think you are back east right? The topic of this thread is for JackTrippers in Southern California, as shown in the title. I hope your sessions are going well.

Usually weekends are good, but not next weekend. Keep me posted. Later in the evening is also good.

Not done a sess on JT yet. PC with a Behringer UNC202HD. Wired connect. In Venice.

thanks @rnordin - mac or windows?

@rnordin sounds good. After next week I’ll be off 8-5 project and launching new ones with more flexible availability for sessions. I’m so glad to have a first-timer and I want to make sure you are set up for success.

Ok @rnordin confirming Wednesday, 4/10 at 7:30pm.

Please download and install from and see if you can get signed in before we meet. Then I can send you an invite to the server.

Also please make sure your operating system and interface drivers are up to date.

I’ve invited a fellow fingerstyle player @pbianculli to join us.

Please confirm. Thanks!

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Looking forward to our session together.
Pat Bianculli

@rnordin I see you said PC sorry. Please confirm Wednesday 7:30 pm.

@rnordin Russ: I thought it might be interesting to consider a rendition of George Harrison’s The Inner Light. :bulb:

What do you think?

Windows 10 is the O/S

Yes Wed. 7:30pm is great.

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