Looking for drummer, bassist, fiddle, or trumpet

Country music, need some people to record with.

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Sorry, I would be of no help to you. Good luck.

Thanks for your post! I hope some country folks catch wind of this fabulous collaboration tool called JackTrip and connect with you!

Please share any ideas on how we can do more outreach to underrepresented genres.

…I am trying to line up string players from N.C and PA. We will play Haydn oP… 3, #5 , serenade. The score can be downloaded from Werner-Icking Archives for free. It is an Intermediate level piece. New players are welcome. Violin Viola and Cello.


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Hi Robert,

I see that you replied to an existing post for country musicians with a new call for classical musicians. It would be better if this was a new post.

Anyway, I will take the liberty of moving your inquiry to a new post so that you get the best exposure. Later today I will post something about how to create a new post.

Thank you!

Drummer here! New to JackTrip. Hit me up.

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Welcome @slipway60 Scott!

It is great to see your post. Which server is closest to you? What kind of setup do you have for your drums? Acoustic or digital? Are you using the app or Bridge? An external interface or built-ins on your computer? Have you had a JackTrip session yet?

This is good information for others who might want to connect with you.

Thanks much! Great to have you here.