Guitarist looking for bass and Drums to jam some Radio Rock and more!

Let’s make some new music or get together and jam anything from 70’s to now! Hope to see you. Beginner to advanced welcome! I have been playing for 30 years and been in multiple bands. I am not currently playing out or in a band and have been quite loose with my practice routine. Would like to get some good jam habits again.


I’m also looking for others to jam with. I play drums and like most all music but mostly play rock from the 60’s - 80’s.


I know this was from a long time ago, but I’m new to JackTrip and wanted to reach out to test my system when you’re available. I’ve been playing drums for 3 years and have played bass for many more.

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Where are you located? A
lso, which server would you use?

@IveyJamz Welcome! My apologies for not welcoming you sooner. If you would like to do some testing, I would be glad to jam on synth with you. I am in San Diego CA, and interested in connecting at any distance to play with any latency for the music and experimentation.

@europerry - you can create a separate account and studio to use the servers for an hour at a time for free to test with distances or whatever.