Bass player looking to jam

Hi everyone, I play rock and pop bass. I live in Connecticut, but I’ll be in Spain in July and August. Love to jam, and I’d be interested in writing some music too. I’m a teacher during the school year, so in the summer I have much more time to meet.

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Welcome, Dave! I’m a drummer in CT looking to jam as well. Hope to play with you some time soon. Dick B.

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Hey there,

I just signed up, and haven’t tried to play. But, I’ll figure it out. I’m in West Haven, you?

Hi are you still online? I’m in Europe but anyway we could try it out. Playing E-drums , prefer jamming too this moment.


I was, but I haven’t even plugged in to my router (been using WiFi for years). Just getting set up, but thanks for your offer. Let me get set up and I’ll let you know. Love to see how this works!

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This is how we do it.
Jamming online is an interesting experience and quickly becomes “addictive”.
I’m very curious about the latency. It wasn’t usually a problem on other platforms. Jacktrip shouldn’t have a problem with it.
We’ll hear. :slightly_smiling_face::notes:


I play guitar and sing. I play a little bass as well.