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Preferred Genre:
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Nearest big city: San Diego
Preferred Genre(s): EDM, Free Jazz, Experimental, Jazz, Rock
Talent: vocals (spoken word and singing), synthesizers
Equipment: Mac and Windows, Scarlett 2i2, Behringer 204HD, AKG C2000B, Sony MDR
Internet connection: Cable, ethernet, 250mbps download, 10mbps upload
Experience level: Professional and casual


Nearest big city: Sheffield, England
Preferred Genre: Big Band Swing, Orchestral & choral (16C onwards), 1960/70s folk & prog rock,
Talent: Cello, Swing Guitar, Choir, + some lute, string bass & piano
Equipment: Mac, Linux, Tascam Model 24, Behringer Q1002, e-piano, e-drums, guitars, bass, Revox A77
Internet connection: FTTC + ethernet, 75 Mbps down, 20 Mbps up.
Experience level: Professional electronics engineer since 1978 (hardware/software). Now retired to spend more time making music. Classically trained musician in amateur symphony & chamber orchestras, choirs and bands since 1972.


Nearest big city: Montpellier, France
Preferred Genre: jazz and latin
Talent: Trombone, violin, accordion, keyboards
Equipment: windows 10 PC, Komplete Audio6 MK2, Behringer Flow 8, Yamaha Genos2
Internet connection: fibre
Experience level: intermediate

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Hi rebholland,
I noticed you are not too far away for us to play together and I am still looking for a pianist for different jazz styles ranging from traditional (New Orleans) over hot (gypsy) to generally swing standards and latin jazz.
Please let me know whether this might be something for you.
We probably will have to experiment a little to find the server that suits us best. For me Paris is the closest but if this is too far for you we might settle for Cardiff.

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Hi Thomas,

This sounds very interesting but I’m busy with a building project on our house for the next few days and so I’ll contact you again next week (after Tuesday).

I have set up a small group (sextet) who meet occasionally at my home (Guitar, bass, piano, drums, sax & trumpet) playing mainly Latin dance music with a view to forming a small dance band. All these folks are members of the two big bands I play and are already using JackTrip, although we do live quite close to each other.

FYI the pianist / organist is also my choirmaster & the choir has made several visits to Malaucene & the surrounding area to perform there. I’m looking forward to the next!

We use a London based server for our own use of JackTrip but I suspect the Paris server might work OK - I’ll check this out next week & let you know.

Best wishes & thanks for getting in touch.

Robert Holland.

Hi Robert,
sounds good.
Malaucène is 2 and half hours drive from my place, so almost next door.
For ease of communication here is my email: and you can reach me on WhatsApp/mobile under +33 612635692

looking forward to hear from you.
Best regards
Thomas Wollersen