Looking for a drummer who plays like Mike Clark

Hello cats, I’m in San Mateo CA and played bass with Frank Zappa, and my friend Richard is in Concord and played sax with Jaco Pastorius and we are just getting our JackTrips together. We need to get Mike Clark to play with us!

Might have an interest, also know another drummer set up on JT

Hey Bill,

That’s cool. Where did you learn drums?
Here is a track of me on piano and bass with my best drummer:
you have to add the h t t p :

Got any tracks of you on drums that I can listen to?

  • PJ

Having a little trouble opening link

if you click on that link, it will insert “https:”
but this particular server is not set up for that,
so you have to go into the URL and delete the “s”

when I put the “http:” in the text, it changed to a
playback control that didn’t work.