JackTrip Virtual Studio Update 6/17/2022

We’re back from a fun week at NAMM 2022 - if you happened to chat with us there, welcome to our community. Here are this week’s product updates.

Welcome Columbus, Ohio and Madrid, Spain!

Virtual Studio is now available in Columbus, Ohio and Madrid, Spain.

Desktop App download links

Now that we’ve launched the free software-only app, it’s never been easier to jam in Virtual Studios! Let your friends know that even without the Bridge hardware, they can still utilize JackTrip via download links found on the “Devices” page like shown below:

JackTrip and Jamulus upgrades

Studios have been upgraded to run Jamulus v3.8.2 and JackTrip v1.6.0 which includes an advanced queue strategy option. Please reach out to us if you’d like to participate in a beta test of some new experimental features.

Reduced JackTrip Radio delay

The end-to-end delay of live broadcasts on JackTrip Radio should now be under 15s for any listener tuning in around the world.

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