JackTrip Virtual Studio Update 4/29/2022

Here are this week’s updates!

Broadcast Description Customization

We revamped the broadcast settings to include a rich text editor. This allows you to further customize the content with any text styling, hyperlinks, and our (obvious) favorite - emojis :smiley:

This gets displayed whenever you go live on your JackTrip Radio page so you can reach your audience and let them know more about you.

UX Updates and Boost Control Removal

When re-visiting our bridge device options, we found the “boost” options did not apply as intended, nor was this generic enough to apply to all audio interfaces. As such, we made the decision to deprecate this and it should not impact any users. Stay tuned though, we’ve got some exciting future updates around our bridges!

In addition, we also cleaned up parts of the user interfaces around extra scrollbars appearing, device settings, and studio settings.


Nice feature. We will be sure to utilize for the upcoming NAMM shows