JackTrip Virtual Studio Update 5/6/2022

What’s New?

  • New Metronome and Tuning Fork available in Soundscapes
  • Bridge devices now support multiple USB audio interfaces
  • New monitor and mute controls for bridge devices

Metronome & Tuning Note

Note: this feature requires that the owner of the studio has a paid subscription

We added two popular new audio tools: a metronome and tuning note to help keep everyone in-sync and in-tune.



These are both now available as Links that paid subscribers anyone can append to your Soundscape’s output signal chain. Simply click the plus button at the bottom and select which one you would like to add.

After a second or two, everyone should be able to hear it and you can use the sliders to adjust settings. When you are finished, simply click the trash can icon to remove it.

Support for multiple USB audio devices

We made some significant improvements to the JackTrip Analog and Digital Bridges - see this post for more information.

Monitor and Mute controls

If you’ve upgraded your JackTrip Bridge to the latest version, you can now control all volume levels through our web platform! Changing any of these volumes will apply to all connected audio devices.

The new “Monitor” volume only applies to devices that support it, but is used to control the mic input level that’s connected with your headphones.

Note: On the JackTrip Analog Bridge, these new controls only appear when “USB Audio” is enabled.
Screen Shot 2022-05-06 at 4.38.00 PM

Broadcast Settings

Minor quality-of-life improvement: you can now access the settings to change your JackTrip Radio broadcast name and description on the “Radio” tab of your studio when your studio is not running.

Screen Shot 2022-05-06 at 5.04.28 PM

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What happened to the Bypass Fx button/menu?

The “Bypass FX” option seemed to be creating far more confusion than it was worth. It’s always better to select an alternative to the “Standard” preset:

  • Raw Stereo: if you want a flat stereo mix without any panning or reverb
  • Large Rehearsal Room: if you want the exact same processing we had before Soundscapes (same as “Auto Pan Mixer”)
  • XLarge Rehearsal Group: no processing at all (same as “Bypass FX”)

Note that these presets are basically just templates for the “Signal Chain” configurations below. Anyone can further tweak the processing to their liking by further changing those settings. And anyone with a paid subscription has the additional flexibility to remove links they don’t link, moving things around, or add other links. It’s completely customizable, and all the DSP runs on our cloud servers and adds zero latency.

And for the developers out there, feel free to create your own preset and share it with the world (it’s all just JSON) by creating a pull request here.

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