JackTrip Virtual Studio Update 1/12/2024

What’s New?

  • Music Player
  • Metronome and Tuning Note

Music Player

Virtual Studio now includes a latency-synchronized music player for playback of backing tracks and recordings!

Backing tracks can be any FLAC, WAV, or MP3 audio files that you have access to locally. These files can be uploaded to the music player and played immediately for all participants to hear using a latency-compensation algorithm so everyone hears the track at the same time.


In addition to supporting audio file uploads, you can easily play back recordings made in the same studio. If your recording includes stem tracks, you can further select any combination of stems to hear as opposed to solely the full-mix.


Metronome and Tuning Note

We’ve heard your requests for a better way to keep rhythm! As part of this new music player, there’s a new metronome and tuning note feature. The metronome plays a click-track with adjustable BPM and volume, whereas the tuning note plays a static note to all studio participants. The new metronome also compensates for latency to ensure everyone hears it at the same time.

Both of these features are excluded from the JackTrip Radio broadcast and recording output. This means both of these tools are only audible to studio participants in the live session so that they can be turned on to assist in staying on rhythm and in harmony without any impact to your JackTrip Radio listeners and private recordings.

You can find all of these new features by clicking on the “Studio” button in your toolbar.

Happy JackTripping! :notes:


More fantastic news! The team just keeps making this better and better.


These are dreams come true, extra virtual interfaces no longer needed and group can rehearse while partners absent.