JackTrip Bridge Update 5/6/2022

With this latest update, both JackTrip Analog and Digital bridges will support multiple USB audio interfaces natively through any of the USB ports on the device!

This update also includes a load of new capabilities, including:

  • Native USB audio: on the JackTrip Analog Bridge, you can now use USB audio interfaces without using the 3.5mm or RCA audio jack
  • Plug-and-play audio devices: plug/unplug audio interfaces at will and they will be automatically detected - whether you’re in an active studio or not
  • Web-based volume controls: the devices page will now always give you the ability to control volume levels (input, output, and monitor if applicable) across all devices connected to your Bridge. Additionally, the “mute” button will preserve any volume settings you originally had.
    Please note that these controls will apply the same volume settings for all of your audio interfaces, but not all interfaces support all of the controls.
    Screen Shot 2022-05-06 at 4.38.00 PM
  • Expanded device compatibility: many USB mics, headsets, amps and other devices that may not have worked before are now supported!
  • Dynamic resampling: even if your device doesn’t support the target studio sample rate, the JackTrip Bridge software will handle the conversion.

:stop_sign: Action Required

To get the latest update, simply restart your JackTrip Bridge. The update will take place the next time it powers up and you should see this version next to your Bridge on the devices page:
Screen Shot 2022-05-06 at 4.55.46 PM

Refer to the following additional notes depending on which type of Bridge you’re using.

:star: For JackTrip Digital Bridge owners

Once updated, multiple USB device support is enabled out-of-the-box for the Digital Bridge. You may want to find your Bridge on the devices page to re-adjust any volume levels. Otherwise, hop on a studio and try out any audio interfaces you have!

:star2: For JackTrip Analog Bridge owners

By default, the new USB feature for analog bridge is turned off. To enable the new USB feature, find the “USB Audio” option under Advanced Settings and click to enable it as shown below:
Screen Shot 2022-05-06 at 4.52.51 PM

Depending on how your setup is wired, we recommend the following:

  • If you plan to use a microphone/headset through USB natively, make sure you disconnect the 3.5mm audio jack (“MIC”) prior to enabling “USB Audio”. If you don’t, you might create a feedback loop which may not be pleasing to the ears.
  • If you end up disabling “USB Audio”, don’t forget to re-plug any input to the 3.5mm audio jack (“MIC”)! When this option is disabled, the only live input source is whatever is using this port.
  • The 3.5mm (“MIC”) and RCA jacks (“AUDIO OUT”) will always be active. When connected to a studio, these RCA jacks will be live and can be used to hear the rest of the studio regardless of other USB devices you may have plugged in.

:grey_question: Troubleshooting

  • It may take a second or two for a new USB device to be detected and registered
  • If a connected USB audio device does not appear to work, make sure you check the volume levels on the devices page
  • If you’re using multiple connected USB devices and one stops working, it might not be compatible with the other connected devices and we recommend not using it
  • To reset the device back into a clean state, you can unplug all connected USB interfaces and power-cycle your JackTrip Bridge

Great upgrade that allows legacy analog bridge users to better utilize their DAWs and interfaces. Nice going JackTrip


Yes! Really cool. Saved me hacking time, for sure, to implement the obvious. Thanks! I needed that.


Tried and true - worked perfectly. Thank you for this valuable feature.

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