Using USB Mics (Aokeo, etc) with a Bridge

With this year’s Virtual Studio Bridge updates, we no longer need to use a 1/8" cable from the mic’s output to the Bridge’s mic input. Thank you JackTrip Virtual Studio & Bridge developers!

Now we can simply plug in the USB cable to the Bridge before powering up, and plug the headphones into the output on the bottom of the mic. The mic will send and receive audio to the Bridge through the USB cable, and the Bridge then sends the audio out to the Studio server via the Ethernet.

IMPORTANT: Be ready to adjust the Input Volume of the mic immediately after connecting to a Studio. The Input Volume on the JackTrip web interface might need to be raised or lowered. The USB mics are typically louder than dynamic mics and usually only need around 50% volume, but your levels may vary.


WOW! This change has really made a difference when trying to use my USB mic with the Bridge. It worked like a charm! Many thanks for all your continued work.
Pat B.