JackTrip Bridge - Input Channels

If you previously had trouble using “CD Quality” audio with your JackTrip Bridge device, we recently added a new feature that may help.

There is a new “Input Channels” option available in the device settings interface. Previously, this was always set to send two (stereo) channels of audio from your device to the studio server. But very few people actually need or want to send two channels; you usually only want to send one (mono).

The more audio channels you send, the more bandwidth is required. Also, sending audio from your device requires upload bandwidth, and most of us have much lower upload versus download bandwidth available on our Internet connections.

By changing this setting from 2 to 1, you can now cut the upload bandwidth requirements for CD Quality audio (which sounds way better) in half. So if your device is currently set to “Medium” or “Low” quality, trying giving “CD Quality” with 1 “Input Channel” a try!


Good info. My experience is that sending only one channel of a stereo microphone will result in audio going to only one side of the headphones. It’s a good thing to do if starved for bandwidth, but could cause some uneven mixes, especially for those wearing headphones.

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Yes, musicians sending a single channel would sound panned hard to the left if managing your own open source JackTrip server. Virtual studio servers avoid this by performing more advanced mixing in the cloud. Just select the “Auto-pan mix” under the “Audio” tab, with “Mix-to-Mono” selected for the “Input channels” setting (which is now the default).