JackTrip Updates 6/14/2024

What’s New?

  • Integrated Soundscapes Controls
  • New Bridge Device Management Interface
  • Updated Audio Settings for Bridge Devices
  • Join from Web Browser in Fewer Steps

Integrated Soundscapes Controls

Studio admins can now edit and create their own Soundscapes without having to open another browser window! Just click on the “Studio” button when connected to a session to open up your studio’s settings, then click “Manage Soundscapes”.

New Bridge Device Management Interface

We’ve created a new web interface for JackTrip Bridge owners to manage your devices, now accessible from your jacktrip.com home page! You’ll see any registered devices in the menu on the left. Click on a specific device to review and update its settings, or “View All” to see and manage all of your devices at once.


Updated Audio Settings for Bridge Devices

We’ve updated the Audio Settings menu to make it easier to access all of the volume sliders for JackTrip Bridge Devices. As before, this will always be open whenever you first connect but you can close it by clicking on the “X” or the Audio Settings toggle button (the three dots next to the microphone).

This menu now includes all the volume sliders for controlling audio on bridge devices, and you can easily expand and collapse it using the same Audio Settings toggle button. This makes JackTrip’s interface consistent regardless of whether you are connecting to a studio session using our Desktop App, your Web Browser, or a Bridge Device.

Join from Web Browser in Fewer Steps

We used to ask you to select your input and output audio devices, and video camera before you were able to join a studio session. Given that these can all be easily changed after you join the session, we’ve decided to eliminate this step. Most often the defaults are what you want to use anyway.

If you’d like to ever change your audio device, just click on the “Devices” button in the Audio Settings menu at the bottom. To disable (or enable) your camera, just click on the “Video” button. To change your camera, click on the three dots next to it.

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