JackTrip Virtual Studio Update 10/15/2021

Happy Friday everyone! We have a few exciting JackTrip Virtual Studio updates for you.

  • Android and iOS mobile apps: We released Android and iOS Mobile apps. Mobile apps are going to be the only ways to register JackTrip Bridges from now on. Once you register, use app.jacktrip.org to connect to a studio, or create and manage your own. Connection via mobile app is coming soon, stay tuned.

    Click here to download JackTrip on Google Play

    Click here to download JackTrip on the App Store

  • Quick Connect to Studio/Disconnect from Studio: Studios now include a button to connect to or disconnect from a studio directly. This button is located on the top right corner of the studio panel.

    If you have multiple devices registered under your account, you will see a pop up option to choose which device to connect with. From there, you may simply choose a device and jam away. Note that you still need to navigate to your device page to adjust device settings.

  • Never miss a product update: JackTrip team has been actively adding new features and improving Virtual Studio. We made it easier for you to follow product updates by notifying you after you sign into Virtual Studio.

  • Added shortcuts to handy web pages: On the left sidebar on our Virtual Studio website, you can now access links to our documentation, community forum, and customer support page.

  • Maximum continuous server session has changed from 24 hours to 8 hours: Once a studio starts, you can only extend a session up to 8 hours. Hopefully that is enough for you and your friends to enjoy our premium quality low latency audio in a virtual studio.

As always, happy JackTripping.