The JackTrip mobile app is now on the Play Store!

The JackTrip app is LIVE on the Google Play Store for Android users!

What is the JackTrip app?

Today, the JackTrip app allows new JackTrip Bridge owners to register their Bridge devices for use with JackTrip Virtual Studio. In its initial release, it is primarily a Bridge registration experience.

In the coming months, the JackTrip app will allow you to connect your device to a Studio without the need to visit the Virtual Studio at

We want the JackTrip app to be the simplest way to get your device up and running.

How do I get the JackTrip app?

Visit this link or search “JackTrip” in the Play Store app on your Android device. Tap Install, and sign in with the same account you use to log into Virtual Studio on the web.

Is the JackTrip app coming to iPhone?

Yep! We are already on it. The iPhone app is in its final stages of testing and tweaking, and will soon be ready for submission to the App Store.

Stay Tuned

Keep an eye on our Product Updates to know when new features are added to the JackTrip app and when it arrives on the App Store!