Is the Atlanta server having issues?

I try to start my server there and it just hangs up saying “Starting” until eventually it decommissions without ever allow me to connect.

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Hi! I don’t think there are any issues with the Atlanta server - I just created one and joined it.

Sometimes there can be a problem starting cloud servers for one reason or another. You can easily create a new server, and if you created any Soundscapes you can save them and then upload them to the new server. Also, you can add the emails of any participants you want to allow access to the new one.

And as suggested below, note the time that this occurred and submit a support ticket on for further investigation.

Does this help?

For a couple hours I tried multiple servers and they all hung up, but this morning it is fine, so, who knows.


@Synthia I don’t believe it’s possible for cloud servers to get corrupted. They are just records in a database. Every time you click “start” a clean, new VM is created for your studio session.

It’s possible our cloud provider was experiencing an outage during the earlier attempts. If you see this happen again, please note the time and submit a support ticket here so that we can investigate it further.

Thanks Mike. From what @dconklinai8p reported, he was having trouble starting a server in Atlanta, however, I had no problem with creating and starting one in Atlanta, so they didn’t seem to be experiencing an outage. Then this morning it was all clear for dconklinai8p. Interesting to me to consider what could have caused it.