Dockerfile or something for JackTrip servers?

Hi folks,

This is actually more to the JackTrip team: is there a location where I could read about what exactly y’all install on the managed JackTrip server instances, eg if I wanted to spin up one of my own that is exactly like yours?

(I’m a paid subscriber, and would stay that way, naturally :slight_smile: but I find myself wanting more of the management knobs.)



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Hey Dave!

That’s something we’ve talked about doing in the future (making it easier to launch a self-hosted studio via Docker images). Right now there’s a lot of dependency on systemd + host-level realtime scheduling that are both a little bit of an anti-pattern in the container world. But out of curiosity and to help flesh out what we’d want to expose, what kind of management knobs are you looking for access to?



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