Digital Bridge for virtual studio built on a laptop

Hi all,
I wonder if there is a way to build digital bridge for virtual studio on laptop computers. I feel it’s a great use on re-purposed/ refurbished computers.

Raspbian for PC/Mac and Jacktrip bridge on it ?


Hey Thomas, we publish the image (and it’s dependencies) for the JackTrip bridge here: GitHub - jacktrip/jacktrip-image: Used to build the Raspberry Pi image for Virtual Studio devices

It should be possible to replicate on a standard Linux laptop although I haven’t personally tried it. On Mac/Windows, it would be a lot harder because we currently use some Linux specific tools there, like ALSA and Zita.

Nelson, thank,
I’d like to install Raspbian on laptop and install Jacktrip bridge code to it? Sound promising ?

Yeah, it looks like it is possible to install Raspian on a laptop (although I would recommend backing up your laptop prior to attempting this)

I’m not 100% certain how to translate the work in that jacktrip-image repository onto a laptop environment, but here are the list of packages required:

Additionally, this is a setup script that references extra files:

Again I’ve never tried that before so it’s very likely I’m forgetting some steps, but let me know how far you get and maybe I can help!

Dear Nelson
Appreciate it, I’m on it and sure to keep in touch.

I’m new to GitHub so it took a while for me to install Pi OS and Jacktrip image after setting the public keys right.

Now I’m stucked with Docker installation it seems 32 bit Raspberry Pi Desktop for PC and Mac Raspberry Pi Desktop for PC and Mac – Raspberry Pi
Doesn’t have a matching Docker available ?

Is it possible to run w/o docker or there is a recommended docker version?

Sorry for the delayed response, I seem to have missed notifications from here!

Unfortunately we’re dependent on Docker to build the image. It should be possible to install Docker on a Raspberry Pi though: Install Docker on Raspberry Pi: A Complete Guide | Simplilearn

Nelson, appreciate for coming back to my message.
I think release 1.6.2 is good enough to kill the need to build raspbian based laptop.

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