Creative Uses for (a lot of) Bridges?

My daughter’s chorus made it through the pandemic in no small measure because of JackTrip. However, with no current or likely future need, they sit unused. I’m thinking about what they might do with them, and haven’t come up with much:

  • use them for distance collaborations when meeting the remote group in person isn’t feasible
  • try to sell them (there are ~50)

Any one else faced something like this? Especially with the JT 2.0 app release, these have less utility (not a criticism). I won’t be surprised if my imagination has been too meagre to come up with anything more creative, so will appreciate any ideas…


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Thanks to Chipageddon, the Raspberry Pi boards are still in short supply. As much as I would love to see those little boxes continuing to run JackTrip (for whatever purpose), selling them may be a smart move for your chorus.

Especially with the new JackTrip 2.0 Desktop app, you can get great results with any Windows, Mac or Linux computer. Provided that you plug into Ethernet (using a dongle for laptops), and have a decent USB or Thunderbolt audio interface, you can match or even beat the quality and latency of the bridge devices.