Jacktrip Weekend Open Office Hours for Learning and Troubleshooting

Hi there JackTrippers,

Ever wondered what Buffer Size, Net Queue, and Input Channels do?
Want to make your studio sound like you’re floating through space?
Want to pitch us on a great feature or complain about an annoying bug?
Want to learn some tips and tricks to get the most out of JackTrip?
We on the Jacktrip support team want to answer all these questions and more!

To that end, we are announcing Jacktrip support team “Office Hours” where you can swing by and test your microphones, ask any questions, give any suggestions you might have, or just hang out with us! We may even demo some upcoming new features for you…

To find out when the Studio will be turned on, just subscribe to this calendar with all upcoming office hours, just click this link when it’s time to join! JackTrip Virtual Studio

Happy rehearsing!

-Jacktrip Support Team


Great idea, Russell!

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Wow, great idea! Any chance of connecting up via ZOOM at the same time? Currently in the process of setting up JackTrip, using DIY route on RPi 3 but failing to get past initial boot sequence, so won’t be able to connect via JackTrip just yet. Thank you.


Hi Richard!
We use google meets! It’s included on the calendar events if you click the google calendar link!

Thanks for the question!

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Just had a session with Russell. Brilliant, thanks for your help. Looks like the Desktop app with ASIO4ALL might be the solution I’m looking for.

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Hi Team.

Is there an IP listing of all the servers out there so I can see what has the best return time on a ping? I am running 500mpbs service, however, my round trip time is 49-55ms. Seems really low. Getting way too latency
New user here and want to use this platform to jam with high school buds for a gig in September.

Thanks in advance