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Hello cats, Well I finally got JackTrip working! I can recommend that all the current JackTrip documentation should be rewritten by an educator! I am using a Win 10 Asus i5 Zenbook and a Steinberg UR22 with AT&T fiber internet and I get less than 6ms latency jamming with my friend who is using a JackTrip digital bridge and another Steinberg UR22, and is 35 miles away “as a condor would fly”. I don’t know exactly how long the fiber is from me to the server and to my friend. We used to jam at my studio in Fremont, but it took us both 40 minutes to drive there, so this is so much better!


Hey there! Glad it’s working- that’s some pretty low latency :slight_smile:

Any chance you can point me at the documentation you were following? There are a few different types of JackTrip documentation floating around out there and it would be helpful to know which one you saw so we can make it better.

Sure, glad to help.

Just send me the manual in a .doc or .pdf and I will mark it up.

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@ParkJames : I think Andrew was asking for the source of the documentation you are following so that we can track down any misinformation and improve upon what is out there.

Make sense?


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yep, that’s what I meant. Thanks Synthia :slight_smile:

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