Need a Help Ticket? How about

Seems we are getting some inquiries on here that really should be help tickets on Systemic mysteries like hanging on login, unable to download…you know stuff that our fab tech team deals with.

How about a category on the Forum that is something like: “Need a Help Ticket?” And then have a link that goes to

Most people are not as detailed and savvy about this platform as the tech team, so maybe this will help people get to the place where they can find help.

Another category could be something like, “Here’s what I have, what else do I need?”
This would be for folks who have some experience and not sure about what they need to do something specific with JackTrip.

Do we need a troubleshooting cateallegory? I’m very excited about JackTrip’s new developments and have just posted in “Share Your Setup” a few troubleshooting tips I think will be extremely helpful.

ah, thanks for identifying that we have some tech help convos happening here. I would definitely appreciate a troubleshooting category.

I’m starting to think that having the convo more out in the open could help other people find the info more easily. Especially now that JackTrip has a lot of little things that should make the experience easier, I’m more confident than before that the troubleshooting will be helpful and not just really confusing for newbies :sweat_smile:

We do a lot of troubleshooting out in the field but perhaps having more things captured on this forum would make info a bit more searchable. Maybe just one troubleshooting/tips category and we can extend from there based on the types of conversations happening.

What do you think?

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