Server not working properly

In Europe, for my musical collaborations, I use different servers and normally they work fine, taking into account differences in latency depending on the distance to my place.
Since about 3 weeks, I get unusual strong distortion when trying to work with the server in Paris, which currently is unusable for me for this reason.
I have done a lot of testing with other servers and I have the certainty that the fault does not reside in my setup (it works fine with servers other than Paris).
I would like to know whether others experience similar problems and whether these have been resolved and how.

Many thanks to the support team that has spared no effort to resolve this issue.

The lesson I draw from this experience is that there should be a clearer distinction of advanced audio settings *at server level, that can be tweaked via the web page, and advanced audio settings for the local level which are made within the desktop app and impact the audio interface.

It started out from the wish to get a shorter latency and it happened that I had found only the advanced audio settings on the web page to experiment with. These turn out to have the capacity of making the virtual studio unusable but have no impact on the settings for the audio interface and on latency. Keeping the defaults is the best advice.

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You’re not alone @wollethom. We’ll be adding more explanation and warnings about this in an update soon to hopefully spare future JackTrippers the same frustration that you experienced.