How to get rid of the "weakjack" warning on Windows 11

The problem: when you first open the JackTrip Desktop app on a Windows computer, it opens an extra Terminal window with a warning message about “weakjack”

Summary: this is caused by a regression bug in Windows 11. Microsoft has fixed the bug, but not yet released the update to everyone. You can safely ignore and close the Window.

Windows 11 includes a new Terminal application that introduced a regression bug from Windows 10. You can find more information about this bug here. The Microsoft team fixed the bug in this release. It will eventually be rolled out to everyone using Windows 11 via automated updates.

In the meantime, there are a few ways you can mitigate this issue:

  1. Just close the Window. It is harmless and the warning can be ignored.

  2. Change your Default Terminal Application

  • Open up windows terminal window (or use the one that JackTrip opened for you) and click on the down chevron, then open “Settings”

Screenshot (261)

  • Select “Windows Console Host” as your “Default Terminal Application”

  • Click Save
  • Close it
  1. Upgrade Windows Terminal
  • Download and install the latest release of Windows Terminal (v1.17.1023 or later)
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Thanks for this info Mike! Good to know that eventually it will stop with a Microsoft update. I’ll close my ticket on github!

This can now be solved by upgrading to the latest version of the Microsoft Terminal in the App Store

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Thanks Mike! Without upgrading, I noticed yesterday that the terminal screen now disappears right away as it should!

That is great news! I noticed the same thing on one of my computers, and wasn’t sure if it was because I manually upgraded or not. They must have pushed 1.17 out via auto-updates!

For people who still run into this problem, the next release (1.10) will include a much more friendly message, with instructions on how they can fix it:

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